Family and Friends

Family and Friends

What to say Question Short answer Long answer “What’s your name?” “It’s Lynne Hand.” “My name is Lynne Hand.” “Where do you come from?” “From England.” “I come from England.” “Where do you live?” “In Darmstadt.” “I live in Darmstadt.” “What nationality are you?” “I’m English.” “My nationality is English.”

When asked questions about themselves people often give short one-word answers:-

Question Short one - word answer “What’s your name?” “Lynne Hand.” “Where do you come from?” “England.” “What country do you come from?” “England” “Where are you from?” “England” “Where do you live?” “Darmstadt.” “What nationality are you?” “English.”

Naturally Speaking

Follow the dialogue.

What’s your name please?

 Mr. Bean. 

Do you come from London?

 No I come from Derby. 

Do you live in Derby?

 No, I live in London. 

Are you English?

 Yes, I am. 

Thank you.

 You’re welcome. 


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