Saludos Formales E Informales

Saludos Formales E Informales

Follow the dialogue.

Mr Bean meets Mrs Breuer, one of his students, and her husband in the street.

Mr Bean: Good morning, Mrs Breuer.

Mrs Breuer: Good morning, Mr Bean. How are you?

Mr Bean: I’m fine thanks, and you?

Mrs Breuer: Not too bad. Mr Bean, this is my husband Michael, Michael this is Mr Bean my English teacher.

Mr Breuer: Pleased to meet you.

Mr Bean: Pleased to meet you too. Are you from Germany, Mr Breuer?

Mr Breuer: Yes, East Germany, from Dresden. And you, are you from London?

Mr Bean: No, I’m from Derby, but I live in London now.

Mrs Breuer: Well, goodbye Mr Bean, it was nice to see you. Mr Bean: Yes, goodbye.

What to say

Everyday Greetings

Good morning”

Good afternoon”

Good evening”


Good night”


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